The Babylon Project - a 3-day virtual blockchain hackathon

The Babylon Project

A 3-day virtual blockchain hackathon that will democratize access to global innovation.

About this Event

Babylon is a symbol of what people can achieve when they come together to build, irrespective of their nationalities and languages.It is the first time a complex societal structure came into existence by bringing together different people with common objectives.

This hackathon will focus on teaching development skills in blockchain and building a global developer community.

Application & Participation

* Participation is 100% free to all attendees

Every participant must apply on the website.Tickets from third party websites such as Eventbrite are not valid and does not guarantee participation in the hackathon.

* Selected applicants will receive participation acknowledgement email from us & invitation to join the private Discord channel.

72-hours of Magic

The hackathon will cover the latest Blockchain technologies, research, applications, and development. Workshops, panels & mentorship by top experts will help you learn more about this amazing technology.

Prices, Funding, Networking & Employment Opportunities

During the hackathon, partner prices will be won, investors to talk with and recruiters looking to hire global talents.

Certificate of Participation

All participants will receive verifiable and lifelong certificates that will be recorded on a public blockchain.

Alone or with a Team

* Single participants can find or create a team in the discord channel before the hackathon starts.

* Participants can attend in teams. A team should have 10 participants(max) & 4 participants(min)

More information is on the website

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