Cryptonight 2020

Cryptonight 2020

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From next December Wednesday 2 to Saturday 5, Cryptonight 2020 will take place online and free through Discord with an important panel of speakers and a VIP experience available.

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Cryptonight 2020

CryptoNight is an annual event that every year brings together enthusiasts of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, who are nourished by talks from experts and references in the region. It is the instance at the end of the year where we meet to share in community, in addition to making awards and recognitions to those who had an outstanding participation during the year.

Each version is characterized by being accompanied by the announcement of something innovative or disruptive for the ecosystem.

On this occasion, CryptoNight 2020 will be held online through Discord, for the first time with free registration for all who want to participate.



Senior software developer, CEO of Davinci Codes SPA, Founder of Pandora´s Wallet, and Crypto Influencer Known as his YouTube channel name DavinciJ15; he is known and praised for his predictions on crypto matters. In 2011 he introduced his audience to the power of Bitcoin and urged them to buy BTC when it was only USD 1.00. Davinci has over 60 thousand YouTube followers; he also participates in many interviews and events within the crypto community.

Herman Bennett

Economic Consultant with 20 years of professional experience. He advises companies and governments on valuations, regulation, and technology and regularly testifies as an economic expert in trials and arbitrations. Known columnist on issues of digital currencies, lecturer, mentor of Netmentora and Professor of the Faculty of Law of the UAI. Former Chief Financial Markets Advisor to the Ministry of the Economy, IMF Economist and Professor of Finance and Statistics in the US, Chile and Mexico.

Jorge Farias

Founder of Cryptobuyer, a company that uses Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to help people in emerging countries. With more than 10 years of experience in the area of ​​digital commerce, he promoted the first store to accept Bitcoin in his native Venezuela in 2014 and today it facilitates thousands of people in Latin America to interact with digital assets. Jorge is also a co-founder of the Fintech Association of Panama and the Ibero-American Blockchain Alliance.

Gabriel Kurman

Co-founder of RSK and currently serves as Master Advocate. Gabriel is frequently invited to speak at international blockchain conferences and has over 20 years of experience in the corporate finance and private equity sectors. He has actively participated in the crypto ecosystem since 2013. He is also a co-founder of Koibanx and a founding member of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, Labitconf, La Bitcoineta and Blockchain4Humanity.

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo

Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Ledn Inc., a company created to provide access to savings and credit services for your bitcoin and digital dollars. Ledn issued Canada’s first bitcoin-backed dollar loan in 2018, and launched the first Bitcoin savings account in Canada in June 2019. Ledn offers all its services completely in Spanish to Latin America.

Manu Ferrari

Co-Founder of Money On Chain, the first DeFi protocol that allows the creation of Stablecoins using Bitcoin as collateral

Jaime Bunzli

Jaime has been an entrepreneur for 12 years. Founder of Platanus, and director of Fintual. He came across Bitcoin in 2011 and has since sought to make it known.


Graduate in International Business, content creator, entrepreneur and investor. Mateo had a brief internship experience in the financial sector (Inbursa and AM Advisors), he is involved in marketing and development in the real estate sector (Reis Redamientos Inmobiliario). He is currently dedicating his full time to research, investment and education in the blockchain and digital assets sector.

Yerko pincheira

Reverse engineering expert. With formal studies in philosophy and economics; with informal studies in electronics and informatics. Ex-Bitcoin miner (2011). Founder of Prosus Corp (2012), a research and development company that created the cryptocurrency Prosus Money (2016) and the decentralized energy system Prosus Energy (2018).

Patricio lopez

Blockchain architect and developer, with more than 4 years of experience working with Ethereum. Developer of the PoC of the Treasury of the Republic and the Identity projects of the IDB and Enel. Blockchain instructor at the University of Chile and Adolfo Ibañez.

Joel zambrano

CEO and Founder of Vita Wallet, a Fintech that allows you to send payments to more than 35 destinations from Chile. He has more than 5 years of experience in the payments sector and Crossborder Payments.

Patrick Bravo

Patricio is one of the oldest members of the community in Chile, he works as a lawyer, is a specialist in constitutional law and is especially interested in the history and philosophy behind crypto technologies, in which he has worked for years. And he likes mate without sugar.

Jorge Gatica

He studied civil engineering in computing at Beauchef (UCH). She founded Planet, a pioneer in the development of webs and intranets with clients such as O’Higgins and Santiago banks, Bolsa Electrónica and Lan. He was a marketing consultant for Adexus, Cientec, Intel and Sun Microsystems. He taught at universities in Chile, Adolfo Ibáñez and San Sebastián. He worked for Qué Pasa, Computerworld, PC Magazine, Informática, Bioplanet, etc. Promoter of crypto technologies since 2012 and founding member of ACHICRIP.

Miguel Klagges

A social entrepreneur, he holds a certification in Decentralized Digital Money from the University of Nicosia and has more than 8 years of experience in the use of crypto technologies. He has been a speaker at various events and talks for universities and companies, as well as a speaker in courses and trainings where he has taught how to use Blockchain technology. He is currently President of the Chilean Association of Crypto Technologies, as well as Co-Founder and President of Alianza Blockchain Iberoamérica.

Jasmine Jorquera

Engineer by profession. She arrived in the crypto world in 2017 and until 2020 she was Vice President of the NGO Bitcoin Chile (ACHICRIP). Currently, she is the Operations Manager of, a Chilean cryptocurrency exchange. He is in charge of customer service, treasury, and customer success. Its objective is to prepare the entire operation for the exponential growth that is expected in the industry. He loves to read and has a personal finance account called Assertive Finance.

Pedro Torrealba

Psychologist by profession who has devoted himself to digital communication and creative writing. He is one of the founders of and LaLegal.News, two very popular entertainment sites on the internet. He also participated in the development of video games that included cryptocurrencies, such as Bitquest, Hammerland, and Darkwinds. Chowmi is currently developing a news outlet with an economy based on Bitcoin.

Sergio Bravo

CFO and co-founder of Defiant Wallet. Telecommunications Engineer, and specialized in the cryptoactive market, he has more than 4 years of experience in the ecosystem. Based in Patagonia, Argentina, he is always trying to contribute his grain of sand to bring technology to the mainstream.

Lucas Ontivero

Open source developer in projects related to bitcoin and distributed systems. Developer Wasabi Wallet, NBitcoin, Open.NAT.

Moises zambrano

Entrepreneur in the world of technology, specialized in means of payment and international payments. He has more than 4 years of experience working with payment issues. He is CBO and Founder of Vita Wallet.

Joaquin Simonetti

Author of the first thesis on the legal nature of cryptocurrencies in Spanish. Legal and tax advisor to the Chilean Association of Cryptotechnologies (NGO Bitcoin Chile).

Rodrigo Hernandez

Commercial Engineer from the Universidad Católica del Norte, fan of cryptocurrencies, miner, trader and HODLER since 2011; Co-Founder of Raptor Systems; currently helping crypto enthusiasts calculate their earnings with Krypto Ledgers.

Cryptonight 2020 – Program

Wednesday 2 – VIP Experience


VIP accreditation


Cryptopia: Bitcoin, Blockchains, and the Future of the Internet

After 5 years of his documentary on the subject, award-winning filmmaker Torsten Hoffmann relives the controversial geniuses and egos behind Bitcoin, Blockchain and Web3 in this provocative and fascinating crash course on these technologies.

We will show this successful documentary to understand how the Blockchain ecosystem is composed in the world and what is its relevance.


AMA: Leveling & Networking Session

Thursday 3 – VIP Experience


VIP accreditation


DeFi – Current and Future Trends

Current DeFi Trends. What is it? How is it offered? Examples in the market. What can we expect in the future?

Exhibits: Mauricio Di Bartolomeo –


Dollar Cost Average (DCA) as an investment strategy in Bitcoin

There will be talk about how this strategy has worked as a means of reducing risk for Bitcoin investors.

Exhibits: Joel Zambrano – Vita Wallet



Friday 4th – VIP Experience


VIP accreditation


Bitcoin – DeFi Revolution

DeFi is the revolution that Bitcoin started in 2008. DeFi uses the blockchain to enable decentralized peer-to-peer financial systems. DeFi on Bitcoin will be a complete transformation in the way we conceive, create and use money.

Exhibits: Gabriel Kurman – IOVlabs – RSK + RIF + Taringa!


Bringing Bitcoin into the Mainstream

Money On Chain seeks to bring bitcoin closer to mass adoption. The Decentralized Finance protocol includes the first fully collateralized stablecoin in bitcoin (DoC), a bitcoin on steroids (BPro) and a bitcoiner option for leveraged trading (BTCx).

Expone: Manu Ferrari – Money On chain



Saturday 5 – Cryptonight 2020

CryptoNight experience


VIP accreditation

five pm

General Accreditation & Networking


Welcome to CryptoNight 2020


Bitcoin in Latin America, definitive adoption

The volumes of cryptocurrency operations in countries with hyperinflation problems, as well as the loss of confidence in local currencies are an interesting indicator about the use in the region, but how real are these statistics? Jorge Farias tells us in detail.

Exhibits: Jorge Farias – Founder of Cryptobuyer


Towards a philosophy of Cryptotechnologies

12 years after the appearance of crypto technologies, it seems that the original ideas that created them have given way to new ideals. What remains of cypherpunk, Satoshi and the first thinkers in the current creations of this nascent world?

Exhibits: Patricio Bravo – Chilean Association of Crypto Technologies


Side Talk: Defiant, una wallet móvil non-custodial & P2P, con foco en stablecoins

Defiant, a non-custodial & p2p mobile wallet, with a focus on stablecoins, will be presented. Exclusively focused on the end user, Defiant allows fast and efficient on-boarding, putting all the features that decentralized finance offers us at our fingertips.

Exhibits: Sergio Bravo – Defiant Wallet – Co-Founder


Panel: Scams in the crypto industry

We will talk about some of the great threats of the crypto ecosystem: pyramid scams and multilevel systems. We will explain how they work, what are the methods to recognize them and why it is important to expose and report them.

Special guests: MAD, Moises Zambrano and Miguel Klagges.

Moderator: Joaquin Simonetti


WabiSabi – Scalability and Adoption

It will discuss the challenges posed by a possible new wave of bitcoin adoption for existing privacy technologies and present a possible solution using the WabiSabi protocol and its incorporation into the Wasabi Wallet.

Exhibits: Lucas Ontivero – Technical Leader at zkSNACKs


Side Talk: Chowmi – Bitcoin at the service of journalism

They will talk about the importance of creating an independent information medium that does not depend on advertising and is 100% financed by readers. It will also talk about why Bitcoin is the perfect technology to make this system work.

Exhibits: Pedro Torrealba – CEO of Chowmi


Pandora’s Wallet/ DJ15 Token

Bitcoin traits and expectations, why it makes a difference and how will we see that difference; it will make debt for cars, homes, and consumer items a thing of the past. Entering that new phase, expectations, among others.

Exhibits: Davinci

This talk will be in English.


Panel: DeFi – Reflections of a decentralized economy

Decentralized Finance has been the great theme of the year 2020, as it has allowed the creation of a financial ecosystem where everyone can participate (or maybe not?). Three prominent specialists will talk about DeFi from the perspective of Ethereum and Bitcoin, what the balances have been and what is coming for 2021.

Special guests: Gabriel Kurman, Mauricio Di Bartolomeo and Patricio Lopez

Moderator: Jasmine Jorquera


Blockchain in the Financial Markets: Latest Trends

Many of the top blockchain-based products are financial products. Herman Bennett will talk to us about the trends that are taking place in this area today and his future perspectives.

Exhibits: Herman Bennett


Side Talk: Calculating Your Profits With Krypto Ledgers

We will analyze how we calculate cryptocurrency earnings, in which cases you must declare (always), and an example of how to do it by hand in Excel and another of how to solve it in a much easier way with Krypto Ledgers.

Exhibits: Rodrigo Hernández – Co-Founder of Krypto Ledgers


Using blockchain + AI in a resource-based economy

The Resource-Based Economy (BRE) is a proposal of global scope in the face of the crisis of the current economic model. Examples of how blockchain + AI technology could be the ideal candidate for sustainable management will be shown and thus put this proposal into practice.

Exhibits: Yerko Pincheira – Prosus Corp


Panel: Reflections of a new constitution for Chile and the future of the Blockchain ecosystem

Chile has undoubtedly stood out this year for its plebiscite and the triumph of the Approval to draft a new constitution. Could this be an opportunity for the new Magna Carta to reflect principles that open the way to a more decentralized Chile? Can Blockchain technology be an engine of change to offer greater transparency in the administrative processes of the state? Do not miss this outstanding panel of conversation to obtain the key points of this process and what we can expect for the Blockchain ecosystem during the next year 2021.

Special guests: Patricio Bravo, Jaime Bunzli and Jorge Gatica

Moderator: Miguel Klagges


CryptoNight Disruption

One of the most anticipated moments. There will be 3 important and relevant announcements for the Chilean crypto community.


CryptoNight Awards

How was your participation during this CryptoNight? At the end of the event, the Discord Bot will show the leaderboard with the level of participation of the attendees. We will award the top 5 places with special gifts from our sponsors.

How to take part?

You have to be registered as an event attendee, have been credited with your Ticket and have an active participation in Discord during CryptoNight. Our Bot will record all your interactions and the number of times you chat with other attendees, speakers, sponsors and special guests. Each interaction will earn you points and level up the leaderboard. As simple as that!

Take part and win fabulous prizes!



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