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Crypto Plaza organizes the 3rd Edition of the Crypto economy Forum in Madrid

  • Next November 25-26, in Crypto Plaza, Madrid, will be held the third edition of the Cryptoeconomy Forum, Crypto Plaza Forum.
  • Two days in which representatives of important companies in the crypto sector at the national and international level will participate.

Madrid, September 30, 2021.- Crypto Plaza, the largest crypto hub in Spain, organizes the third edition of the Crypto economy Forum, under the name of Crypto Plaza Forum. A unique event in Spain that will be attended by more than 30 speakers from important companies in the crypto sector.

Crypto Plaza Forum is held every year with the aim of sharing and discussing the future of everything that surrounds cryptocurrencies. Ideas and inspirations that come from companies like AAVE, Superfluid, Unslashed, MakerDAO, Balancer, EthicHub, Tutellus, Gnosis, Bitnovo, Dragon Stake, Tropykus or Zerion, among many others.

Networking has been a key piece in all editions of the forum, and this one will not be an exception. In the last edition, virtual networking was organized, with meetings between several of the speakers and attendees. This year, the event will have a networking area and will be organized at the Hub Loom Salamanca, where the Crypto Plaza headquarters are located, in Madrid.

The final agenda will not be closed for a few weeks and will be published on the Crypto Plaza page, from where tickets for the event can also be purchased:

Date: November 25 and 26
Time: 9:00 a.m.
Place: Hub Crypto Plaza – Loom Salamanca
Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz,
3828002 MADRID

About Crypto Plaza

Crypto Plaza is the most important Crypto Hub in Southern Europe. It has a network of more than 200 people and projects at a national and international level. Part of its effort is aimed at helping to create more content in Spanish about crypto through articles, webinars, and videos.

In addition, for all those who are part of the community, courses and Immersions are offered in DeFi, Yield Farming, Liquidity mining, Derivatives, or Crypto Insurance, among others. Finally, Crypto Plaza has a DAO, which is getting bigger and bigger, which allows you to learn about decentralized finance in a totally practical way.

For more information: [email protected]

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