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Crypto Latin Fest 2020

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The third edition of the event will be in digital format and will take place between Friday, December 11 and Saturday, December 12, 2020 completely free of charge with the presence of prominent speakers.

The third edition of the Cripto Latin Fest 2020 will be completely ONLINE and will take place on Friday, December 11 and Saturday, December 12, 2020.

This new edition of the Cripto Latin Fest 2020 will be completely free, and as in previous editions, it will have national and international speakers who will participate in the different conferences.

In Latin America, the benefits of digital money are also taken advantage of and a clear example of this is the Colombian event that brings together a good number of Latin and international speakers from the digital currency ecosystem, Cripto Latin Fest.

Based on the successful experience of 2018 and 2019, Cripto Latin Fest is ready to present its third edition, but this time, completely digital. It covers all the topics that interest crypto stakeholders to make better decisions.

Since the event on this occasion will be held in digital format, both the sessions and the various activities that will take place during the event will be broadcast live through the different channels available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Batlefy.

The conference cycle will have different spaces in which attendees can learn a little more about topics of interest such as Blockchain Technology, the fourth industrial revolution, DeFi and Cybersecurity, as well as live music, video game tournaments, tattoo sessions and many other activities. .

This 2020 event is expected to have a capacity of more than three thousand people, with 40 invited speakers to give keynote speeches to attendees.

This edition is expected to exceed expectations as the previous version did, since in 2019 a thousand attendees were expected, however, the event had 1,500 attendees.

Among the speakers are Magdiela Rivas, LATAM Manager at Paxful, Ivan Marchena, Vice President of Latin America Operations at Prime XBT, Javier Ibarguen CEO BeerMoney, Elian Huesca Community Manager Mexico at, MAD Cripto Founder YouTube Channel MAD Cripto MX, Daniel Muvdi Professional FX, Stock and Crypto Trader, Eloisa Cadenas CEO Cryptofintech & Candidate a PhD in Engineering, Mariangel García Community Manager Binance LATAM, Angie Villareal Horizen LATAM Lead and Lorena Ortiz Entrepreneur and Founding Partner of Bitcoin Embassy Bar in CDMX, among others.

Among the additional activities that will be carried out, the Hack for Peace team is within the course of the event a tournament of the popular strategy game “League of Legend” (LOL), in which participants will compete for prizes in cryptocurrencies, with the aim of linking players with the digital currency ecosystem.

Crypto Latin Fest 2020 Speakers List

Magdiela Rivas

LATAM Paxful Manager.

Ivan Marchena

Vice President of Operations for Latin America at Prime XBT.

Javier Ibarguen

CEO BeerMoney.

Elian Huesca

Community Manager México de

MAD Cripto

Founder of MAD Cripto MX channel.

Daniel muvdi

Professional FX, Stock and Crypto trader.

Haz Rodriguez

CEO canal Cryptonacion.

Deiver Florez

InveMania channel founder.

Andres Salamone

Cordoba Bitcoin channel creator.

Eloisa Cadenas

Cryptofintech CEO & Engineering Ph.D. Candidate.

Juan Rodriguez

Founder of Daddy Bitcoin channel.

Daniel Rojas

Educator of Bitcoin and Crypto, founder of the Bitcoin community of Costa Rica.

Jose Rodriguez

Director de Blockchain Land at Talent – Network.

Mariangel García

Community Manager Binance LATAM.

Angie villarreal

Horizen LATAM Lead.

Jennifer Lopez

Director of Hack Por La Paz and Business Development.

Jesus Pacheco

Co Founder of Hack Por La Paz.

Philippe Boland

Expert in informational, scientific and technological literacy.

Lorraine ortiz

Businesswoman and Founding Partner of Bitcoin Embassy Bar in CDMX.

Camilo Suarez

Founding Ceo of Suarez Venegas Abogados and Legal Director of CLF. Link

Santiago Guzman

CeoFounder Cripto Latin Fest Multimedia Producer and Aviation Technician.

Fabian Delgado

Ceo Fundador Bitsionarys y Advisor Cripto Latin Fest.

Alejandro Fernandez

Ceo Fundador Token Sport y Advisor Cripto Latin Fest.

Luisa Fernanda Sierra

Co Founder Cripto Latin Fest and Commercial Advisor.

Angel Di Matteo

Co-founder and writer for Diario Bitcoin.

Anibal Garrido

Advisor and consultant in Crypto Finance.

Ricardo Vazquez

Business development Ava Labs and Co Founder of

Nacho Flores

Electronics and Communications Engineer, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Julian Vargas

Founder Nación Humana.

Ana Maria Moreno

Information and knowledge management. Blockchain teacher and researcher.

Jay Campuzano (JJ)

CEO Fundador at Lex Cryptographica.

Nicolas Verderosa

Business Development & Country Manager de PrimeXBT en Argentina.

Iñigo Echeverria

Citizen of the Metaverse, which includes Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.

Noah Sandoval

Head of the VIP department at Prime XBT, financial analyst.

Francisco Cordoba

Blockchain Consultant and Founder of 2038.

Look Acosta

Bussines Operations Specialist LATAM Binance.

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