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Block World Tour Motril 2021 Edition, the epicenter of Blockchain in Spain

The Block World Tour Motril 2021 took place from September 1 to 3 at the Juan Carlos Garvayo Auditorium in Motril, Granada.
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Block World Tour Motril 2021 Edition - el epicentro de Blockchain en España

The Block World Tour Motril 2021 took place from September 1 to 3 at the Juan Carlos Garvayo Auditorium in Motril, Granada. An event that aroused great interest in the Spanish and international Blockchain industry, requiring the organizer to collect all sales one day before the event.

From the VIP opening reception on September 1 at Hotel Salobrea to the closing party on September 3 at Restaurant Katena, Motril has been the epicenter of the Spanish Blockchain industry. This statement, which is often nothing more than an invented phrase, has become a reality for all those who entered the Granada auditorium. The fact that it was the first Blockchain event in Spain made everyone want to return to the keynotes, which, combined with the best possible speakers and an event executed with great care and detail, made the seventh edition of the BWT an unforgettable event.

Upon entering the auditorium, attendees were greeted by the official BWT Bus, a recognizable vehicle that would travel across Europe at each new summit, putting a smile on everyone’s face and informing them that this was not just any event. Inside the auditorium, a networking area and exhibitor stands with all sponsors eager to share their innovative business ideas. Additionally, EthicHub provided all attendees with delicious fresh coffee during the event, a fantastic touch from the conference initiating partner, who required more than a dozen bottles to feed attendees.

During the morning session of the first day, a regulatory, legal and institutional panel discussed Blockchain. It is not often that you hear the proposals of the main opposition party in the Spanish Parliament, or see the best Blockchain lawyers in Spain, Cysae, Écija, Roca Junyent and Vicox, inf.

The afternoon sessions included investment and training, cybersecurity and custody with international companies Halborn, Groupo Cibernos and Zilliqa, with Crypto Plaza hosting an interesting kick-off panel. Participants can learn trading, security tips to keep crypto assets safe, smart investment strategies, and discover new business models from the best companies in the industry.

After a day full of conferences and networking, the action moved to the historic and artisanal Bodegas de Ron Montero. Guests will be able to taste the best rums in the store, a master ham cutter and a canapé cocktail. Nice end of the first day of the BWT Motril 2021 Edition with a concert by the young singer “Violeta”.

On September 3, Montse Guardia, CEO of Alastria, presented his startup panel, an interesting exercise in innovation and use of technology that we all agree on is the future of finance. In the next panel, Ethichub, Bamboo DeFi and Dextools discuss the highlights of the event. DeFi is arguably the hottest trend in the blockchain market right now, and the interest was huge. Panel topics were sustainable economy, decentralized financial services, advanced data monitoring and analysis, agriculture, and investment.

After lunch, the conference concluded with panels on NFT’s and Tokenization, and Financial Services Blockchain. Okex, Criptovision (from Peru), RFEF and Javier Arrés, the most prominent digital artist in Spain, participated in the first panel. One of the most creative and interesting panels.

The presentations ended with Febelink, Criptoro and Woonkly Labs, real, up and running and promising Blockchain financial services companies. From professional job seekers with the help of blockchain technology, to traditional financial services combined with cryptography, training and advice, to the most innovative business models that decentralized finance can provide.

Santos, CEO of Woonkly Labs and title sponsor of the event, flew in from Zurich to introduce Woonkly Labs to his loyal fan base.

Both days went well, with excellent organization and coordination, providing an unforgettable experience for all participants, sponsors and collaborators. During the presentations, the organization prepared a television where Mr. Jiazi from Sinofy Group interviewed American and Chinese media in English. Additionally, Jess Pérez and Alberto Gómez Toribio of Crypto Plaza provide live interviews and reports in Spanish.

To culminate the best Blockchain Summit in Spain to date, the closing dinner was held in an intimate setting where speakers, collaborators, sponsors and VIP guests could mingle with friends. The commercial agreements and future projects signed there demonstrate everyone’s involvement in success.

The Block World Tour is now heading to Santander, northern Spain, for its tenth edition, which will focus on entrepreneurs, accelerators and investment groups. The tournament is now in the Palacio de la Magdalena, an impressive setting for the BWT Santander 2021 edition.

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