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Crypto Today: Bitcoin recovery; UK bond buying might affect bitcoin; Has Bitcoin hit bottom months ago?

Bitcoin recovery; UK bond buying might affect bitcoin; Has Bitcoin hit bottom months ago?
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Updated: October 2, 2022


Bitcoin recovery

Bitcoin scored a win this quarter, yet the magnitude may seem small for an asset class with outsized gains until recently.

As stated by some experts, Wall Street believes cryptocurrencies have bottomed out and will become an attractive diversification strategy until Treasury yields regain strength. 

Bitcoin rose 3.7%, trading at $19,392, while MSCI’s MSCI All Country Stock Index and Bloomberg’s Global Total Return Bond Index both fell 7%. It’s another indication that cryptocurrency prices may have stabilized after declines earlier this year. The shares are near 2022 lows.

The small improvement stands out after a 60% loss in the second quarter. The Fed’s rapid rate hike, strong inflation and geopolitical uncertainties have affected all asset sectors. The Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index is up 6% since June 30.

Bitcoin is approaching a historically good time of the year. Since 2010, it has gained in the fourth quarter two-thirds of the time, up 33% on average.

UK bond buying might affect bitcoin

The stock market rose in the previous session after the U.K.’s central bank announced emergency asset purchases to restore “orderly market conditions” amid the pound’s unprecedented collapse.

Finder crypto expert James Edwards said the bank’s action “may be fascinating for bitcoin.”

If the strategy is prolonged or other governments follow suit, bitcoin, which benefited from aggressive money-printing tactics in 2020 and 2021, might find increased interest.

Bitcoin’s story as a safe-haven asset or inflation hedge hasn’t materialized, but “it looks to have found clear support right around $20,000 for many months”

“This gives a fresh chance for bitcoin, which may find a new audience among millions of afflicted residents,” he added.

Edwards stated “if central bank currencies continue to drop and quantitative easing returns on a larger scale, bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets might witness a rebirth”

Has Bitcoin hit bottom months ago?

That’s what experts like Thomas Dunleavy, senior analyst at Messari, and Pranav Kanade, portfolio manager at VanEck, are saying. 

While bitcoin hasn’t proved to be an inflation hedge, the asset class characterized by speculation deteriorating macro circumstances might continue to propel crypto as a leading indication of investor risk.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to be among the worst performing risk assets this year, with drawdowns of 60% for bitcoin and as high as 84% for other coins like as Avalanche (AVAX).

But although the Nasdaq (IXIC) dropped 2.7% in Q3, the S&P 500 (GSPC) dropped 4%, and the Dow (DJI) dropped 5.4% as of market closing on Friday, Bitcoin remained almost unchanged (+1%).

And despite the fact that Ethereum’s Merge update had no effect on scaling throughput, the market saw the move as a positive one.

Ether (ETH-USD), which increased 26% from $1,050 on July 1 to $1,339 on Friday afternoon, has outperformed bitcoin and the majority of other assets since July.

“Crypto comprises fewer than 50 basis points of all global assets today, and there are around 2.5 million daily blockchain users,” stated Pranav Kanade, portfolio manager at VanEck to Yahoo! Finance. “However, there are more than 4 billion smartphone users. For market capitalizations to expand, daily active users must increase.”

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