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Crypto is Shattering the House of Cards in Finance

| by CryptoPress

The collective consciousness of modern humans is shaped by injustice and inequality. Since the day we set foot upon this earth, we have been welcomed by different kinds of inequity where some individuals unnecessarily suffer while others prosper without any sign of merit. This phenomenon has slipped through the cracks of society’s psyche in such a very subtle way that it doesn’t even make some of us uncomfortable anymore. 

People are being forced to accept the roles that are dictated to them by the powerful who are trying to solidify their position for themselves and their successors. But there is always something that will break this vicious cycle and provide opportunities to everyone who deserves it. Within the context of finance, the power-holders were traditionally bankers or the government. You had to play by their rules, even though most of the time they may seem unfair. They had all the power to regulate, manipulate and control all the assets. But then came Bitcoin, the great innovation that changed the rules for everyone and forever.

  1. How Crypto Inspired us to Undermine Tyranny

     Contrary to popular belief of the masses, crypto’s biggest trick is not just being digital money. It is being decentralized. Bitcoin or other altcoins are not, and hopefully never be regulated, manipulated, or corrupted by absolute power. When people realized this, they started buying it, trading it, saving it, and most importantly trusting it. With the security and privacy provided by blockchain technology, more and more people shifted their perspective of crypto from geek nonsense to actual digital gold that can be invested in. This sudden boom in crypto started taking power from the banks and governments for good.

  1. Crypto as a Game-changer

     There are many benefits and innovations that are introduced to our service from the world of crypto. Such as;

  • It gives everyone equal opportunities

      Everyone who owns a mobile phone can easily access the crypto market, exchange coins, and invest in things with a swipe of their finger. You don’t need to put your trust in the banks or brokers to get a return on investment.

  • It doesn’t require high amounts of capital to invest

     With crypto and tokenization, thousands of dollars to invest is not a must-have. It is possible with minimum capital and there are many examples of self-made millionaires who started with zero within the world of cryptocurrencies.

  • Environment friendly

     Every year, millions of trees are cut down to provide paper for printing money, and large amounts of energy are being consumed to power up ATMs and other parts of the monetary system. Although crypto mining, ledger management, and calculations can consume energy too, the amount is not as big as the traditional banking system.

  • Faster, economic, and better in any way

     Concluding deals and transactions with the crypto is much less time-consuming than other methods. Also as it eliminates any third-party involvement, usually it doesn’t contain any kind of extra fee to be paid.

These advantages make cryptocurrency much more desirable as a game-changer.

  1. The Upcoming Evolution of the Crypto

     Although there have been setbacks in the past, the world of crypto continues to flourish and develop itself with the efforts of the people. NFTs shook the very foundation of people’s perspective of value, and DAOs (Decentralized autonomous organizations) are continuing to grow and establish themselves within different industries thus creating new business opportunities. The importance and promising future of the DAOs and decentralized finance can be seen in projects such as CityDAO whose goal is to create the world’s first crypto city or GolfDAO which aims to fund and govern a golf course with NFT and crypto investments in real estate. These developments may seem far fetched and away from reality to many individuals the same way Bitcoin’s increase in value seemed 12 years ago. Nowadays when talking about Bitcoin people regretfully say “I wish I invested in crypto in 2009.”

     To sum up, everything that includes money has its ups and down to it. With some luck and forward-thinking, an individual can make a fortune and set themselves for life. Crypto is the only thing in finance that is giving everyone an equal chance with its unpredictability and security without any higher authority. As people, we can surely say it has its flaws and problems, but it is also undeniable that it is the fairest one on our hands until we come up with something better.

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