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Deeper Network is Now Part of the Polkadot Ecosystem as an Official Member of the Substrate Builders Program

Deeper Network today announces it has been officially approved to take part in the Substrate Builders Program.
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Deeper Network is a startup bridging the gap to the future of Web 3.0

November 01, 2020 09:18 PM Eastern Standard Time

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–( BUSINESS WIRE )– Deeper Network, a company that seeks to become every households’ gateway to the emerging era of Web 3.0, today announces it has been officially approved by the Parity committee to take part in the Substrate Builders Program for its visionary concept of bridging the gap to Web 3.0. Deeper Network’s flagship product line, the Deeper Connect, is the world’s first blockchain-powered secure gateway that enables users to securely and privately browse the internet free of censorship. The milestone partnership marks the beginning of Deeper Network’s pivotal role in the Polkadot ecosystem and opens up a new world of possibilities for Deeper Network to expand upon its own blockchain ecosystem.

Deeper Network’s e² chain was built from the ground up to be the backbone of a decentralized web infrastructure. The e² chain is a truly decentralized smart contract platform characterized by high scalability and low power consumption. It can process up to 100, 000 transactions per second and is secured by the unique, energy-efficient Proof of Credit consensus algorithm that ensures fair mining participation for all. e² chain powers the company’s Decentralized Private Network, dubbed DPN, a peer-to-peer bandwidth marketplace where users can share bandwidth with each other in exchange for DPR tokens. The network serves as the first killer application aimed to kickstart a decentralized sharing economy on the decentralized smart contract platform.

For its standout vision, Deeper Network was selected over numerous applicants to take part in the Substrate Builders Program, bringing us one step closer to the future of a truly decentralized web.


Deeper Network is committed to building a truly decentralized and secure gateway to a more democratic internet. The company aims to bring a better internet experience to every household and become the de facto portal to Web 3.0.

The Substrate Builders Program was created by Parity to identify and support excellent projects in the Substrate ecosystem. The program provides technical and community support, as well as capital injection and business development to spur the growth and development of visionary projects.

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Jun Yuan, Director of Business Development

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