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Hold Onto Your Bitcoin, PEGA Pool is Ready for Lift-Off

PEGA Pool is on a mission to change the Bitcoin mining industry by focusing on sustainability and green energy mining.
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Last updated: February 20, 2023

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In the wake of Bitcoin miners’ dwindling profits, rising hash rates, and the overall bleak outlook of the prolonged bear market, the highly anticipated launch of PEGA Pool could not come at a better time. Ranked as the 13th biggest mining pool on the planet by BTC.com, and the world’s first ecological mining pool, PEGA Pool is on a mission to change the Bitcoin mining industry for the better, by focusing on sustainability and green energy mining. And PEGA Pool’s highly competitive revenue model is a first for the industry.

In fact, PEGA Pool will be rewarding Bitcoin miners who have already made the transition to alternative energy in the form of a 50% reduction on pool fees for life. And as for those who are a little behind in the race towards net zero, they won’t walk away empty-handed. Pool fees for clients who are not yet using renewable energy to mine Bitcoin will be set at 2%, but that’s not all. PEGA Pool will be using a portion of these clients’ pool fees to plant trees – a proven way to offset CO2 emissions and lower the industry’s collective carbon footprint.

PEGA Pool’s impressive infrastructure is another reason why Bitcoin miners are so excited. The architecture has been meticulously built to ensure undisrupted uptime, even in the face of something like a natural disaster. And with regular performance maintenance and rapid repairs where needed, Bitcoin miners everywhere can savour a breath of fresh air, knowing they can continue doing what they do best – without losing even more money to downtime.

The secret to PEGA Pool’s success in this regard is the high resilience of their infrastructure, with servers placed in strategic locations all around the world. This way, Bitcoin miners can continue to meet their deadlines without worry, while experiencing a lower job rejection rate and taking their profit margins off of life support.

PEGA Pool has already planted over 80 THOUSAND new trees since their inception, a number which is expected to rise exponentially once they officially open to the public in Q1 of 2023 – and once more and more miners join their community. Visit PEGA Pool’s website and learn all about this – the world’s first ecological mining pool – or to secure one of the last available waiting list slots. Contact the team directly to enquire about becoming a BETA tester ahead of the big launch.


PEGA Pool is a UK-based Bitcoin mining pool, which comes as a huge relief to Bitcoin miners who have been forced to join pools of questionable origin until now. PEGA Pool’s credibility is bringing peace of mind to solo miners and Bitcoin mining firms everywhere, and the pool is well on its way to becoming the most respected in the world – and you’re invited to join the ride.

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