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The solution to export work from Latin America without dying in the attempt

The work of Latin American professionals is highly demanded and the solution to export work is easier than you can imagine.
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The solution to export work from Latin America without dying in the attempt

The work of Latin American professionals in areas such as computer science and design – among others – is highly valued and demanded in the rest of the world. But while the region’s economy desperately needs foreign currency to enter its coffers, governments seem to do everything they can to prevent this from happening.

Administrative bureaucracy, procedures inherent in foreign trade, bank persecution, ordinary taxes, and extraordinary fees are just some of the pitfalls that a graphic designer, to name a few, must avoid selling work abroad for only $300 (of which, very fortunately, in some countries only $120 will reach his pockets).

The solution has a name:


Even if they are in appearance some entelechy, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are finally “constant and sounding” money. Bites that are transformed into paper currency with just one click from friendly mobile applications called “Virtual Screws”, associated with a bank account in which the money will be reflected the moment the user decides.

But if you save yourself cumbersome administrative procedures, enabling special export invoices (e.g. the invoice “E” Export in Argentina) and overpaying fees and taxes would be insufficient to opt for cryptocurrencies, there are even more.

Because in addition to being used to pay for goods and services anywhere in the world, the “encryption” provides the possibility to make investments and exchange of currencies with a dynamic similar to that of stocks on the stock exchange.

What do you need to collect your work with Cryptocurrencies?

The first requirement, and perhaps the most complex, will be to break down certain paradigms. Banish from your mind the entrenched idea that it’s better to settle for fewer dollars that your job is really worth and encourage you to receive your USD in coins that allow you to pay your bills and buy things.

After this first step the requirements to trade Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, DAI, Litecoin, etc.) are only two:

  • Have a bank account (just a simple savings account)
  • Download for free from the Play Store or App Store a virtual wallet like Ripio, Buda, or Satoshitango -to name a few-.

DISCLAIMER: The text of this article is the sole responsibility of its authors. No investment advice is provided. CryptoPress has not used or endorsed the services described.

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